Grade 12 Bio students visit UTM!

Tithi Mayani •

On Tuesday, November 26, students taking the Grade 12 university-level biology course at Milton District High School visited the University of Toronto’s Mississauga campus, UTM!

Students headed down in the morning and attended a small first year biology lecture, allowing them to experience being a university student. Observing the style of teaching, the layout of the lesson, and how post-secondary students study their material gave Mustangs valuable insight into how the university experience differs from high school.

Our Grade 12s also got a chance to talk to the professor who gave the lecture and ask questions about the transition from high school to university. The professor gave helpful advice, explaining to students how the passion for a subject and the grasping of its information are directly related. She also described how the importance of self-regulation and time management skills multiply when students enter university.


As well as learning about the university experience, students were given a tour of some of the labs at UTM. They visited a chemistry lab, multiple general first year biology labs, and a fancy greenhouse.

The visit concluded with another presentation regarding admissions into the program and first year courses. Students were given an outline of what the four year undergraduate experience in the Life Sciences Programs looks like, and learned that they can choose what they want to study as they further their education.

This visit gave students a look at the university campus and some of the places they may be studying if they are to attend. They learned that unlike the downtown campus, the Mississauga campus has a small-town community feeling. The buildings are close together and secluded from the city, balanced with lots of surrounding greenery. Students are able to travel from class to class very fast as they walk along clean pathways to easily-accessible destinations.

This visit was quite an enlightening one for students and gave them plenty of insight on what they may expect out of a post-secondary university education next year!

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