IN PHOTOS: MD’s Calligraffiti art on display at Welcome Centre

Prema Kapoor •

Last week, several of Mr. Sumner’s Grade 11 students put up a temporary installation displaying their recent work at the Milton Welcome Centre.

Their work is in a style of art called calligraffiti which uses different written forms of language as the basis to create a piece. Calligraffiti blends modern graffiti and street art with classical calligraphy letterforms to create distinctive and personalized forms of art.

Mr. Sumner had his students begin with choosing a word and language that had personal significance to each individual. Their next step was to begin to break down the words into individual calligraphic strokes,and use each stroke to produce unique designs and create abstract calligraffiti pieces of art.

The display will be at the Welcome Centre until the March Break when it will be brought back to MD and placed in the Library.

Be sure to check them out at either location and support our artists!

Click on the gallery below to view all of the pieces: