Milton District’s RECORD-BREAKING success at 2020 DECA Provincials

Saihaj Rehsi • MDHS DECA member

From Thursday, February 6, to Saturday, February 8, thousands of students competed at the DECA (Demonstrating Excellence Celebrating Achievement) Provincial Competition in Toronto. Over 50 students from Milton District High School participated in this important event under the direction of our DECA Chapter Advisor Mr. Paul Riggs and many brought home a reward for their hard work.

DECA is an international business club where students participate in oral case study presentations, business simulations, and written business reports.

Students start out at Regionals competing against other students from across their school board. Students who are successful at the Regional Competition then move on to compete at the Provincial Competition in February. Winners at Provincials move on to compete against the best in the world at Internationals, held this year in Nashville, Tennessee in April.

With over 40 categories in both written and oral events—and over 7000 students from all across Ontario—our Milton Mustangs had some tough competition.

With extreme dedication and long hours, many of the hardworking students at MD pulled all-nighters for a chance at Internationals. Special congratulations are given to those who earned medals at Provincials for their case study presentations and exams: Norhan Ahmadoun (Grade 9), Nora Draper (Grade 12), Rashmi Avudaiappan (Grade 12), Krithi Gowrishankar (Grade 12), Jasiya Janjua (Grade 12) and Saihaj Rehsi (Grade 12).

Milton District is sending an unprecedented ten DECA Provincial champions to Internationals this April in the capital of country music, Nashville, Tennessee. Those ten members are Saad Fasihi, Zian Raheem, Ahmed Abdulrahman, Zayd Tahir, Riya Anadkat, Vignesh Marla, Jackson Shi, Areej Amjad, Maheerah Raja, and Jasiya Janjua.

Ahmed Abdulrahman, Zian Raheem, Saad Fasihi.
Zayd Tahir. Riya Anadkat.
Vignesh Marla, Jackson Shi.
Maheerah Raja, Areej Amjad

The team would like to give a special thanks to Mr. Riggs, and the Chapter’s President, Tushar Atmakuru. Without their constant help, the team wouldn’t have been able to successfully run Milton District’s seventh year of DECA, and fourth year sending students to Internationals.

Many students often think DECA is just a business club and requires a lot of hard work, which is true to some extent. DECA isn’t just a club, it’s about being a part of a family and making amazing memories on your journey—memories that will last a lifetime. From practicing hard for Regionals to staying up late in Toronto, DECA is sure to give students some very memorable souvenirs.

All of the team members in MD’s DECA Chapter hope that the club continues to grow and that more students will join the MD family. The team will help students on their journey to success, and students will gain many benefits and rewards from being a part of MD’s dedicated family. All of the team members at MD hope to have helped to cultivate an exciting and loving chapter for new students.

From all of the team members at Milton District’s DECA Chapter, the team thanks you for your unconditional love and support. MD hopes you consider joining the amazing team next year.

Author of this article, Saihaj Rehsi