How To Be Eco-Friendly During Quarantine!

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Even when we’re all stuck at home, it is important to be as eco-friendly as possible to reduce your ecological footprint and help our planet thrive. Check out these 5 important ways MD can stay green in quarantine!

  1. Use the right bins!

Having extra time at home is no excuse to be throwing those banana peels in the garbage. If you are unsure of what bin an item goes in, do some research online, or use Halton’s Put Waste In Its Place Directory. It only takes a few seconds!

  1. Gloves and masks—know where they go!

A common mistake many are making during this pandemic is throwing their personal protective equipment (PPE)—meaning their masks and gloves—into the recycling (blue) bin. These items are NOT RECYCLABLE and hazardous to anyone who has to sort recycling from garbage at local facilities. Make sure your used equipment is disposed of properly!

  1. Set eco-goals for yourself!

Make a plan of eco-initiatives you want to pursue when quarantine comes to an end. Prepare posters, donate to charities, or spread the word online about the importance of helping the planet. 

  1. Learn!

If you want to know more about Earth and climate change, but never had the time to do some research, now is the perfect time to learn! Check out plenty of sources online or in the books to learn how you and those around you can be more eco-friendly this year.

  1. Fun projects, from home!

There are tons of fun projects you can make at home with your parents, siblings or kids that also do their part in helping the environment. Plan a wildflower garden, make a bird box or bee condo, or place cool stickers on your windows to stop bird collisions. You can even watch online tutorials on how to make your own reusable face masks to use whenever you go out. The possibilities are endless!

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