MD at Home: Yasmine Kang

First name: Yasmine
Grade: 12
Fav method of keeping in touch: I like keeping in touch with friends through text messaging, facetime, or calling each other.
What you’ve binge watched: I have gotten the chance to watch a lot of shows that i’ve been meaning to watching. For example, The Office and Elite and also some crime docuseries (ex. “The trials of Gabriel Fernandez”). A show that I recommend is called “The Midnight Gospel”, and is from the same creator of “Adventure Time”. It is an adult animation that follows a spacecaster as he travels the universe to interview different creatures for his spacecast. The interviews from this show are derived from the real life podcast “Duncan Trussell Family Hour”. The topics discussed are topics that will fill your mind with wonder about life and the different viewpoints people hold.
Average hours you’re sleeping: 8 hours but I usually sleep late and then wake up late
How you feel about Distance (online) Learning: In cases I feel it is better because I can go at my own pace without feeling pressure, however my motivation levels are not at its best
Where you’ll go first (when you can leave your home):
To hang out with my friends
How you feel about wearing masks when outside the home: It isn’t the most ideal but I know it’s for the best
Food / restaurant you miss the most: Don’t really have any
New quarantine skill / hobby: Reading/writing, video games
Biggest time waster in isolation: Netflix
Something you’re (now) more grateful for in your life: Being able to hug your friends and see them everyday
What (besides your friends) you miss the most about MDHS: My teachers
The thing that is keeping you going / giving you strength: Macy!