Quarantine—What To Do When You’re Stuck At Home

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It has now been months since our school has had its students walk the halls. Staying safely inside, as recommended, has been a challenge for many different people, for many different reasons. We understand that adapting to this lifestyle can be extremely difficult. It is important to remember that it’s completely normal to feel stressed or anxious about the current situation, and that emotional or academic support is always available to those who may need it, whether it be through friends, classmates, teachers, parents/guardians or local help lines. To learn more about how you can de-stress during this uncertain time, click here.

The world is on lockdown, and with summer right around the corner, most of us are itching to see the light of day again. It is encouraged that students, staff and their families stay at home and away from public places, to ‘social distance’ and to take proper safety measures if you require an essential service and must enter or interact with people in a public area. For many of us staying at home, the idea of quarantine may not seem like such an interesting change of lifestyle, but fear not! There are plenty of things you can do to keep yourself occupied and not feeling too lazy. Are you bored stuck at home? Check out these 10 ideas that are sure to make you hop off the couch in a flash.

  1. Chat with your friends, ONLINE!

If you’re finding your time in quarantine to be boring, it’s likely your friends are in the exact same boat. Pick up the phone and call your BFF. Spark an online video chat with your buddies using Skype, FaceTime, Google Hangouts, Zoom, or another similar platform. Contact a teacher or relative to ask them how they’re doing. Your act of initiative could mean a lot to some people. 

  1. Learn a new skill!

Picking up that old instrument you’ve forgotten how to play, learning to speak a new language, or trying your hand at painting can be a lot more fun than it looks on paper. Try something new every day, week or month and see how you like it. Who knows, you may just find a cool and unique new hobby or talent to show off to your family and friends!

  1. Set realistic goals for yourself and achieve them!

If you have that outstanding work that needs to get done but can’t help procrastinating, try setting daily goals to help you finish it. Limit yourself to one important goal per day and slowly build up from there once a routine is set. 

  1. Spend time with family and pets!

Get your family to watch a movie, play a board game or help you with school work. Give your pets some attention and care; groom your furry friends, hang out with your horse or take your hamster for a tour around the house. Chances are they’re all just as bored as you.

  1. Participate in our school Instagram activities!

Milton District’s official Instagram account @miltonmustangs has been posting fun and engaging activities to complete and share with your friends online. Check out our school’s Instagram story for MDHS bingo, quarantine quizzes and more! We have also been posting about what our students have been doing to keep busy with the hashtag #mdathome. Feel free to submit a cool photo and description about your inside experience for a chance to be featured! The Mustang Messenger @mdhsnews has plans to join in on the fun, so be sure to follow us as well and check for updates!

  1. Listen to music, work out or meditate to de-stress yourself

If you’re ever feeling stressed, whether it be about the current situation, schoolwork or for emotional reasons, there are plenty of activities that have been proven to lower your heart rate, decrease blood pressure and make you feel more relaxed and in tune with yourself. Do some research on other ways to help you keep calm and enjoy your time at home a little more.

  1. Read articles on the Mustang Messenger website

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  1. Become a peer tutor!

If you understand that math concept better than most of your classmates, take the initiative to make someone’s day and help them with their online school work. I’m sure we all know the feeling of not understanding something and how frustrating it can be. Tutoring can also be a great way to study and make some new friends.

  1. Spend some time outdoors!

Keep in mind that this does not mean socializing or coming into contact with anyone outside of the household or visiting any public areas. Sit out on the porch and enjoy the fresh air, go for a walk (but stay away from people!), or challenge your parents, siblings, or other immediate family members to a game of frisbee in the backyard. It is healthy and fun to spend time outside, especially with the coming of warmer months.

  1. Think outside the box!

Try something completely different that distinguishes each day from the rest. Challenge yourself to sing even if you don’t think you can. To draw even if your handiwork typically results in portraits of stick figures. To read or write that million page novel that you never had the time to before. The world is yours to discover…from the safety of your home!

Try to view this uncertain time with optimism and opportunity. Years from now, we will remember this pandemic and our experiences with it. As we tread uncharted waters, be sure to make the most of your time at home, and remember to keep calm and MUSTANG ON!

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