MD at Home: Ela Hinatsu

First name: Ela

Grade: 12

Fav treat while at home: Strawberries and chocolate are the best 

Fav method of keeping in touch: SnapChat or Facetime 

What you’ve binge watched: The Star Wars movies 

What’s driving you a bit crazy: A little too much time doing absolutely nothing (it seems as if I’ve done everything I need to already)

Average hours you’re sleeping: 10 hrs (3am – 1pm)

How you feel about Distance (online) Learning: I honestly don’t mind it as much as I thought I would, however I feel as if there’s more work than I expected (probably because I’m at home 24/7 and it just feels like a lot)

Where you’ll go first (when you can leave your home): All of my friends’ houses or any restaurant with my friends

How you feel about wearing masks when outside the home: It doesn’t bother me knowing we’re all protecting ourselves:)

Food / restaurant you miss the most: Sushi (specifically the avocado rolls from Sushi Ya Japan) 

New quarantine skill / hobby: Sewing 

Biggest time waster in isolation: Sleep!!!!

Something you’re (now) more grateful for in your life: I’ve become more grateful for all my friends and social interactions which I never paid much attention to before. It can get a little lonely being by yourself for months…

How COVID-19 has affected your attitude towards going to school: I honestly wouldn’t mind going back, but it would take a little time to adjust again (since my sleep/work schedule is really messy right now)

An “Aha!” moment / something you think of differently than before isolation: Going outside and appreciating it. I used to never think much of it, but now thats all I want to do, whether it be driving around or going for a walk

What (besides your friends) you miss the most about MDHS: Some of my teachers. They kept me positive and motivated. Mr. Cummings, Mr Carson-Foster, Mr. Douglas, Ms. Gleeson;) just to name a few!

The thing that is keeping you going / giving you strength: Knowing that this isn’t permanent and that there will be an end to this isolation at some point!