MD at Home: Rida Khan

First name: Rida

Grade: 12

Fav treat while at home: Chocolate chip cookies

Fav method of keeping in touch: Texting friends over instagram or snapchat.

What you’ve binge-watched: Once Upon a Time, currently getting through the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

What’s driving you a bit crazy: Being told to stay inside. Now I just want to go out because I’m told not to (I won’t actually though).

Average hours you’re sleeping: At this point, I’m sleeping at either 10pm to 4am, 9am to 3pm, or both.

How you feel about Distance (online) Learning: I’m enjoying the experience of working at my own pace and I’m learning a lot about myself and my habits when everything’s up to me. The amount of work isn’t super heavy, which I appreciate. 

Where you’ll go first (when you can leave your home): I’ll go see my friends or eat a Popeyes sandwich at a park, maybe both at the same time.

How you feel about wearing masks when outside the home: I’m used to them because we wore them a lot in my SHSM and I had to wear them a lot during my co-op for the procedures I watched. It’s for our safety, even when it gets super stuffy in there.

Food/restaurant you miss the most: Honestly I’m kind of craving Sobeys Sushi right now, but I’m pretty sure a lot of the food making has either stopped or is reduced. I haven’t been to Sobeys so I don’t know the condition.

New quarantine skill/hobby: Being able to procrastinate and still get assignments done an hour before they’re due I’ve learned how to tat, sew, solve Rubik’s cubes, and drive.

Biggest time waster in isolation: Youtube. My phone. OUAC (the constant refreshing).

Something you’re (now) more grateful for in your life: My financial wellbeing and health. I’m grateful I’m not in a position where I need to be exposed (I don’t need to work a job or stay outside for long periods of time), and I’m not immunocompromised at all. It’s the little things that become more apparent during a rough time like this. 

How COVID-19 has affected your attitude towards going to school: I’m loving school more now that there’s less pressure. I’m less burnt out now that marks can only go up and I can learn at my own pace.

An “Aha!” moment/something you think of differently than before isolation: I think about the people who aren’t as lucky as me. I’ve always thought about them, but now I can’t shake it out of my head how lucky I am that my family and myself are safe and in a part of the world with the correct information and access to free health care. Not everyone has that. 

What (besides your friends) you miss the most about MDHS: Honestly, I miss being around everyone. The atmosphere of the school is pretty great, and then there are the experiments in my science classes. I miss those too.

The thing that is keeping you going/giving you strength: I got into my top university for my top two choices today! Before that, I kept telling myself I needed to work hard to get in. Now I can just ride out the last month and a half of school and build better study habits for myself.