MD at Home: Prema Kapoor

First name: Prema 

Grade: 12

Fav treat while at home: Lemon Cookie Cakes

Fav method of keeping in touch: Texting my friends 🙂

What you’ve binge watched: Community and old Disney shows

What’s driving you a bit crazy: People not following the social distancing regulations 😬

Average hours you’re sleeping: 9

How you feel about Distance (online) Learning: I’m enjoying it and I’m impressed with how well teachers have managed to adapt to online teaching while keeping students engaged 

Where you’ll go first (when you can leave your home): To visit my grandparents 

How you feel about wearing masks when outside the home: I understand how it lowers the risk of getting Coronavirus so I respect and follow through with it

Food / restaurant you miss the most: My grandparents’ cooking 

New quarantine skill/hobby: Sketching

Biggest time waster in isolation: Netflix and social media

Something you’re (now) more grateful for in your life: My family 

How COVID-19 has affected your attitude towards going to school: I realized I work better on my own time since I’m able to prioritize effectively and also take breaks when needed 

An “Aha!” moment / something you think of differently than before isolation: The race diaspora and how minorities have a harder time dealing with the pandemic 

What (besides your friends) you miss the most about MDHS: The clubs and teachers  

The thing that is keeping you going / giving you strength: Knowing that our actions will help flatten the curve and if we follow the regulations in place, it’ll soon be over and we’ll be able to go to university