Drama Clubs at MDHS: What’s Happening?

By: Rayed Khan

Although the COVID-19 pandemic has cancelled many club activities this year, the drama clubs are standing strong at MDHS. Every Wednesday after school the drama council meets, discusses theatre events and has a great time. Read this article for the background information about these clubs. Please note that all events will be virtual. 

Interested in joining? Here is the Google Classroom code for the drama council: kyn7avg

Background information: 

Four leaders have volunteered to host and manage events. Arden Reichert and Shayre Chakraborty are running monthly events. Delaney Prangley is running the One-Act plays and Corona Valdez is running the school musical this year. All events will be virtual and the details will be explored below.  

One-Act Plays: 

The One-Act plays will be managed by Delaney Prangley. A One-Act Play is a play anywhere from 15 to 50 minutes long. You can either write your own play or direct and act in a pre-existing one. It is also allowed to both direct and act in a One-Act play. Live auditions took place on November 24th and the plays will be performed on the third week of February. If you would still like to sign up, please contact Delaney Prangley. If you do not wish to act or direct a play, you could also be part of the editing and special effects crew.   

(Picture taken before COVID-19)

Monthly Events:

Monthly events are run by Arden Reichert and Shayre Chakraborty. The monthly events celebrate the theatre arts. Each month there is an event that is related to a dramatic form of art. It may be where people share their poetry, perform stand up comedy or sing songs from their favourite musical. These events take place on the third Thursday of each month, with exceptions for the months that have larger events such as the One-Act Play (February) and The Musical (May). Keep an eye out for these because they are a lot of fun! 


The musical is run by Corona Valdez. The musical is a murder mystery and it was written during quarantine and designed so it can be performed virtually. The cast has not been decided yet and the auditions will take place on December 3rd at 2:45 PM. The Google Meet link will be in the Drama Council Google Classroom. The online submission dates are from November 30th and December 3rd, 4:00 PM if you can’t make the auditions. If you do not want to act, you may join the tech crew and help with editing and special effects. Break a leg!

Conclusion & Additional Info: 

The drama clubs are always welcome to new members. If you are interested in joining us, check out the information below:

Here are the emails for each of the event leaders. One-Act Play: 1PRANGLEYDEL@hdsb.ca (Delaney Prangely) Musical: 1valdezcor@hdsb.ca (Corona Valdez). Monthly Events: 1reichertard@hdsb.ca (Arden Reichert) & 1chakrabort1@hdsb.ca (Shayre Chakraborty). And the teacher behind all of these amazing clubs: smitham@hdsb.ca (Amanda Smith). Again, here is the classroom code: kyn7avg. If you have any additional questions you may also email me at 1khanray11@hdsb.ca.