MD’s “Season’s GREENings” Holiday Challenge!

By: Vinothan Siriranjan

Happy holidays from the Eco Team! The winter holiday is a joyous time of year often spent on celebrations, get-togethers, shopping, eating delicious food and many more joyful events. Along with all of the fun, the holiday season brings a heavy load on the environment. That’s why our school’s Eco Team wants you to have both a fun and sustainable holiday this winter season. To do this, we are launching the “Season’s GREENings” holiday challenge to help inspire you to celebrate the holidays in a more eco-friendly way this year!

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It’s as simple as sending in pictures of your environmentally friendly holiday practices! For every sustainable step that you share, you get a chance to win gift cards to local restaurants in Milton. You can send us pictures of things such as eco-related Instagram posts and shares, buying sustainable gifts for friends and family (e.g. reusable products), making your own gifts instead of shopping (i.e. DIY gifts), meatless meals, using eco-friendly decorations (e.g. recycled or reused decorations), using reusable containers/bags, donating or buying from thrift stores, choosing in-season produce, shopping at local stores, a selfie with your reusable mask, walking/biking to school, using beeswax wraps, your donations to eco-related charities, a short paragraph of how you are going to be more eco friendly in the year 2021 and more. Be as creative as you would like!

Most importantly, there are no limitations! The more pictures you send to us of your sustainable activities, the more likely you are to win. Your efforts to have an eco-friendly, sustainable holiday season, along with your chances to win a prize, can be as large or as small as you want them to be. While we show that we care about our loved ones this season, let’s show that we care about our planet too!

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Share your pictures with the Eco Team by uploading them to this google form that will be sent through school media. Alternatively, you can DM your images to the MDHS Eco Club’s Instagram account, @mdhs_ecoclub. Don’t forget to let your friends know about the challenge by telling them or sharing our Instagram post! For any inquiries or concerns contact Mme. Paroyan ( Needless to say, the MDHS Eco Team wishes you a happy and wonderful holiday season this year!