MD Students Making Life Better For Seniors During COVID-19 Pandemic

By: Diya Shah

MD students went out of their way this year to help out vulnerable members of our community in lockdown. These students are living in very stressful circumstances by undertaking voluntary initiatives throughout the year. Here are some ongoing projects that MD students currently have taken a part of with long term care homes and their residents:

Last May, students in Grade 10 English and Grade 12 music took on a ‘Pay it Forward with Kindness Project,’ where they reached out to residents of multiple nursing homes with recorded songs, letters, messages of encouragement, and words of gratitude to the workers in the homes.  They ended up not only connecting with long term care homes in Milton, but also homes in Windsor, Oakville, and Belleville! 

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In June, the Social Justice SHSM and Health and Wellness SHSM students ran a campaign with the Willow Foundation of Halton. Through their efforts, they were able to purchase an Apple TV system and an iPad for the residents of Allendale Long Term Care Facility in Milton. This helped residents to stay entertained and connected to their distant family members during the pandemic.  

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“I am so proud of the work of these young caring individuals. Last May was such a scary and stressful time for the residents of these homes, and us being able to connect with them and bring a bit of relief and joy to their days was one of the most impactful projects that I have been a part of in my 22 years of teaching.” – Ms. Welbourn