Wear Pink on February 24th!

By: Kathan Kapoor

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Bullying is an issue that many people have to deal with every day. In fact, according to dosomething.org, 1 in 5 students have experienced bullying in the forms of verbal harassment, social harassment, physical bullying and/or cyberbullying. Pink Shirt Day is a day to support victims of bullying and talk about how we can put a stop to bullying. The day also includes awareness about stereotyping, gender-bias and many other issues. 

In 2007, two teenage boys witnessed a student being bullied because he wore a pink shirt. The next day, the two boys provided pink shirts for their schoolmates and encouraged everyone to wear them in solidarity with their peers.

Since then, Pink Shirt Day has received tremendous support with the participation of over 180 countries. On this day, the colour pink is worn worldwide to show support for those who have been bullied, and the need for action to raise funds for anti-bullying programs. 

Bullying, both online and face-to-face, can severely impact someone’s life. This can happen at school, in the workplace and through the internet. It can demean a person’s self-awareness, self-confidence and self-worth. All of us need to play a role in helping to eliminate bullying and creating a positive work environment for ourselves and our peers. 

There are many ways we can get involved in Pink Shirt Day both at home and at school. The most significant and noticeable way of taking action is wearing pink to school. Since the day is about spreading positivity, you can compliment your peers. Whether it is about their hairstyle or handwriting, it is important to let others know that they are appreciated. 

On February 24, celebrate and spread awareness about anti-bullying by wearing pink to school. This shows the commitment of students and our stand against bullying at Milton District High School and in our community.