MD at Home Workspaces!

We asked MD students, families and alumni what their ideal quarantine workspace looks like while learning online. Here are some responses!

Kaitlyn Hartshorn (MD Alumni):

“I am a Landscape Architecture (LA) student at the University of Guelph. It has been very challenging to adjust to working and doing course work from home, as my program is very hands-on and collaborative. LA students work at special desks called ‘drafting tables’. They adjust in height and can be angled to be drawn on like an easel. This has been my primary workspace whilst at home. Some things that I love and need to have around my workspace are plants (I’m obsessed), my artwork (triggers my creativity), candles/wax melts (helps my stress levels) and of course, coffee (a daily necessity). Sometimes I even have the pleasure of having my purrrrfect kitty around! As you can see, my workspace is pretty organized. I find it hard to concentrate with a cluttered workspace and I’m sure that I’m not alone in this! Finally, I have notebooks and my agenda handy to keep track of my tasks and project due dates.”

Amna Khan (MM contributor) interviewed her sister:

“My workspace is pretty organized. I had an empty space in my house so we decided to turn it into a little study space (without a door… kind of distracting but I manage) I have all my supplies organized and easily accessible, such as… pens, markers, extra paper and any other supplies I’ll need. My study space also allows a lot of sunlight in so it makes me feel a lot more productive… but sometimes I do end up attending a lesson in my bed haha. By the way right now it’s a little messy cuz I was in the middle of a school project lol 🙂 .”

Mariam Imran (Grade 12 student and MM contributor):

“My workplace is pretty neat and organized because I can’t work when things aren’t in their place or there are papers everywhere. On my desk I usually keep some small seasonal decorations or a candle, my water bottle and a lamp. Inside my desk drawer I have some papers relating to my extracurriculars and hobbies (I like to write stories so all of my context research is there) as well as a calligraphy set that my friend got me and an extra keyboard for my computer. On the wall in front of my desk I have my to-do list for the week and some reminders for deadlines and I also have a Sherlock poster my cousin got me for my birthday. Beside my desk I usually keep my bag so I can reach in and grab stuff easily during class and when I’m doing homework. I also have a crate where I keep all of my other ‘essential’ school stuff such as old notebooks I might need to reference, my stationary box, a mini whiteboard (to do practice questions), some extra wires and a bunch of sticky notes and flashcards. Usually when I’m doing homework I’ll put things that I don’t want on my desk in the crate because it’s easier to grab things from there in a rush.”