Interview With MD’s Student of Excellence Phoenix Seelochan!

Congratulations to Phoenix Seelochan for receiving Milton District High School’s Student of Excellence award for the 2020/2021 school year! MD is very proud to recognize her achievements and contributions in our school community.

On Thursday, May 6, the Halton Board held a virtual ceremony in recognition of this award and its recipients, streamed live on the HDSB’s official website ( 

As well, our yearbook committee has interviewed Phoenix about her experience at MD! The full interview will be added in the 2020/2021 school yearbook. Here are some sample questions:

What advice do you have for younger students aiming for Student of Excellence, or looking to make the best of high school in general?

Start to think about and explore your passions and motivations and how you can implement them into making the world a better place. That way you will be able to pursue a path where you’re doing what you love and change the world.

What initiatives and activities are you the most proud to have done or worked on throughout high school?

  • Phoenix is proud of her role in Student Government, as a grade rep for 3 years and Prime Minister in her Grade 12 year!
    • She was able to reach out to students and give them leadership opportunities, organize different activities and dances, recognize student voices, and make school more accepting and fun for them to be in
    • She worked hard with Student Government during the pandemic to maintain a community via social media and champion virtual events
    • The experience was super fun and rewarding, and she was able to help make the school a better place
  • Phoenix was the Peer Tutoring Team President this year!
    • It was very hard working during the pandemic to arrange peer tutoring partnerships as this time period of virtual learning can be very stressful
  • She is passionate about her involvement in the Equity Team!
    • Spoken to politicians and students about anti-racism and how to stop the hate against minorities
  • Phoenix is a part of a wide variety of extracurricular activities but these three in particular stood out!

What are your favourite subjects?

  • Physics 
  • Calculus – thoroughly enjoys math
  • Law

What are your plans for post-secondary? What do you want to pursue in the future?

  • Torn between Environmental Engineering or Political Science as undergraduate
    • End goal is to be able to help reverse the climate crisis
    • Applied for both programs and will decide within coming weeks

What are some strategies or character traits that you believe helped you get where you are today?

  • No matter what challenges you face, don’t let anything keep you down
  • Obstacles in our life only make us stronger. Try your best to overcome these obstacles and learn from them
  • Set goals for what you want to achieve in the near future. That way you can motivate yourself to work hard to reach them
  • Perseverance—do not let anything stop you from achieving your goals
  • Determination—as long as you are determined you can do anything you strive to do, no matter what