MD’s Girls Basketball Team Goes Up Against Iroquois Ridge and Dr. Frank J. Hayden

By: Eleena Sen

The girls’ basketball season is finally underway!

Due to COVID-19, all sports and clubs including basketball were shut down last year. While the return of basketball at MD is very exciting, the season is going to look a little different this year. 

Normally, the teams would have at least a month to prepare for the games and get familiar with one another, but since the season will be short, the teams only got a week of practice before heading to their first game against Iroquois Ridge.

On Monday Oct. 4th, the Mustangs went up against Iroquois Ridge. The Junior Girls team played first so they left school early for the 3:30 game. Once they reached the high school, they had about 30 minutes before tip off. 

There was tension in the air but it was exciting for the players to finally get to play again after a whole year. They did their warm up and the game started. MD had a strong start, scoring the first 2 points in the game. 

First Points Against Iroquois Ridge 

Two quarters into the game, misfortune struck for the Mustangs. Rylnn Nascimben, point guard and number 15 for the Junior Girls’ Team, severely injured her ankle when an opposing player fell on her. She was very brave and the team is proud of her contribution and for making the effort to smile even after going home on a stretcher. Wishing her all the best on her recovery! 

Unfortunately, the big blow led to the Junior Mustangs losing by 12 points and the Senior Mustangs losing by 5 points with Iroquois Ridge. SO CLOSE!

Rylnn’s Free Throw 

The next day, the team met for practice, reviewed their plays and spent some time regaining their energy for the game the following day against Dr. Frank J. Hayden. The Mustangs were still drained from the previous game and were not able to claim victory against Hayden, but their spirits are high and they are excited to play strong against King’s Christian Collegiate next Wednesday, Oct. 13th. Be sure to wish them luck!

3-pointer against Hayden