Grade 9 English Class Raises The Most Money For Terry Fox

By: Abeeha Zehra and Eleena Sen

On Wednesday, October 13th, Ms. Gorska-Anderson’s Grade 9 English class received Booster Juice for fundraising the highest amount during MD’s Terry Fox Run event fundraiser. They raised a total of $367 for cancer research!

Through collaboration and unity, the students raised funds higher than those in other grades this year. According to Ms. Gorska, the school’s Grade 12 classes have been successful in raising the most amount of money for the past few years. It is very impressive to see a Grade 9 class work together to raise the most money! 

A huge thanks to an anonymous student, who generously donated over $100 which resulted in the class donating over 18% of the total funds the school raised. “The Booster Juice was just an added incentive. The real reward was the ability to say that we fundraised the most [for Terry Fox].” 

The class was ecstatic to receive Booster Juice for their amazing fundraising efforts. With delicious choices of Mango Hurricane, Strawberry Sunshine and Very Berry, the class enjoyed their well-deserved beverages during class.

Congratulations ENG1DP-01 for being the class to raise the most money for the Terry Fox Foundation this year! MD is very proud!