Blue and White Spirit Day at MD!

By: Abeeha Zehra

The first football home game of the season was the inspiration for Blue and White Day at MDHS.

As our lives have finally started to shift towards the pre-pandemic ‘norm’, MD hosted its very first home game on Thursday, October 21st. 

In honour of our Junior and Senior Boys Football teams, the herd dressed in white and blue to show their support. The school halls were painted with Mustang spirit!

Not only was this the first home game of the football season, but Blue and White Day was also the first school spirit day in the 2021-2022 school year. From white hats to blue socks, it was hard to miss the warm feelings that were spread throughout the building, despite the gloomy weather outside.

After hours of practice after school, the Junior Boys team scored a fantastic win against Iroquois Ridge High School. The Senior Boys team lost a very close game, but put forth their best efforts and played amazingly. Way to go, Mustangs!

This successful spirit day event has paved the way for an exciting year, with future Mustang spirit days on the horizon. Stay tuned for upcoming spirit days, including Orange and Black Day, Costume Day, Where’s Waldo Day, and more!