Drama Council Events Are Back!

By: Sam Thewlis

Thursday, October 28th marked the first in-person performance by the drama council this year!

On the last Thursday of every month, the drama council will be hosting themed events after school. This month’s theme was ‘superheroes’. Based on the theme, students dressed as well known fictional characters (such as Loki from Marvel) and designed their own characters to create plays and performances.

These events were created last year with the intention to improve morale during online school. This also resulted in the events being strictly virtual, meaning this school year is the first ever to feature in-person drama council events. They were also created to support the students’ artistic and creative capabilities in a fun and engaging way. Ms. Smith, the teacher helping to run the drama council, explains that the performances do not have to be super polished to be fun and successful. “Not everything has to be perfect; it’s more like a friends’ karaoke night”. 

MD’s drama council is a great opportunity to meet new people with shared interests and hobbies! Everyone is welcome to join us on Wednesdays at lunch in the theatre.