MD’s 2021/2022 Student Government

By: Sophie Craciunescu

The class representatives have been chosen, the Prime Minister has been elected and excitement is in the air. The election process was an effective and interesting way to ensure that Mustang voices would be herd.

 During the very first week of school, teachers were hard at work ensuring that the grade representatives were chosen. Applications opened, and many students eager to help the school community volunteered. The teachers responsible had a difficult time picking from the dozens of amazing candidates. In their wisdom, here is who they chose:

Grade Reps

Grade 9: Satyam Kukreja and Samantha Thompson

Grade 10: Sabrina Nadeem and Jaileah Mcpherson

Grade 11: Liam Ramlogan and Hajra Saqib

Grade 12: Amilya Mlaki and Shirley Xiao

Meanwhile, the candidates for Prime Minister of MD campaigned hard. They advertised their platforms on social media, the morning announcements and through videos, in order for voters to make an informed decision. 

The voting took place on September 27th and Izaan Qaiser (shown below) was chosen to represent MDHS!

A huge congratulations to everyone who was chosen to represent their classmates and school community! Stay tuned for an exclusive interview with the Prime Minister!