Milton Mustangs Host Special Senior Football Event

By: Esther Fasanu & Eleena Sen

After a month of planning, preparation, and collaboration between various clubs at Milton District, the Equity Team held a football game for the Senior Boys’ football team on Wednesday, November 10th, the first fundraiser group event in nearly two years. 

The GSA greatly contributed to the event by selling delicious snacks and drinks for the students watching. Students had the option to buy hot chocolate, sour candy, and various other treats! Multiple teachers also bought some treats as well and donated to the fundraiser including our very own Principal Mr. Carey and Vice principal Mr. Mackenzie! It was great to see members of the GSA wear pride colours and spread awareness about the fundraiser for the Positive Space Network. As a result, the fundraiser was a HUGE success with students enjoying their treats and all of the money raised going to a great cause!

Alongside GSA, another club that played a huge role in the success of the football game was the Eco Club. They performed a thorough clean up of the track both before and after the game. They also put up posters on each bin to help educate and remind students on which bin their trash belongs in, and helped in guiding students on specifically where to place their garbage. 

Music, music, music! Everyone who attended the event was very lucky to finally get to listen to our very own MD Rock Bands, including Foster’s Funk Band. It had been almost two years since the bands performed due to the pandemic, so when the band learned that they could play at the event they were ecstatic! The bands played during the start, end, and during halftime so all the Grade 12s attending could listen and enjoy some entertainment while the football players were prepping or taking a break. Foster’s Funk Band opened the show with three songs including, “Fool in the Rain” by Led Zeppelin, “Give me one Reason” by Tracy Chapman and “Blame it on the Boogie” by the Jacksons. The crowd loved the music and we are very grateful to have had our very own bands perform for us! 

Other than the music, the game itself was spectacular! Our Senior Boys’ Football team divided themselves into two teams and had an incredibly thrilling match against one another. As soon as the game started they surprised the audience with an amazing touchdown, leaving everyone in complete shock! Throughout the game, students got to enjoy the rivalry between the two sides!

Although all these wonderful clubs took part in carrying out this football game, the magic behind it all was the executive team in the Equity Club. For several weeks they took on the task of planning this game and event so students at MD could feel the joy of having exciting school events once again. Although the event had to be restricted to Grade 12 students only due to the pandemic, the Equity Club is planning many more amazing events in the future. Stay tuned and be on the lookout!