MD’s Drama Council Logo Contest

By: Ayesha Siddiqua & Vika Grochev

Drama Council is back this year at MD with some exciting news! To start fresh this year, Rebekah Morales, a Grade 10 member of the team, came up with the idea of changing the logo for our Instagram and Twitter accounts. 

The contest began accepting new logo suggestions starting early November and the last day to submit was November 11th. 

They kept the same idea of the two faces that appeared on the old logo:

The winner was announced at the council meeting the following week. The only rules for the contest was that the logo had to include the words ‘MDHS’ and ‘Drama Council’ in it. Besides that, it was open for everyone’s unique artistic styles. The best part was that the winner got a McDonald’s gift card. 

Congratulations to Emma Sicardi for winning the contest with her lovely logo!

Check out Drama Council’s social media pages:

Instagram: @mdhs.drama

Twitter: @mdhs_drama