Crossfit at MD

By: Mohammad Alqashqish

Image source: Mohammad Alqashqish

CrossFit at MDHS is being run by multiple teachers who are not necessarily gym teachers.

  1. What is CrossFit all about?

“CrossFit is a fitness lifestyle characterized by safe, effective exercise and sound nutrition. It really is just a kind of a method for being healthy in our bodies and minds! At MD – we really want CrossFit to fit with our values around wellness and student and staff health” (Christopher Jones)

  1. When did it start, and when will it end?

“It started 4 years ago and I hope it never ends! We run classes here at different times based on coaching availability and student interest!”

  1. Can people still join even though it has already started? If so, how could they join?

“People can definitely join any time – just come on out! We may start a few classes to help students who are new get comfortable and then they can come out to regular classes, but right now…just come on out!”

  1. When and where is it? Does it differ from age group? How much of their break time will be used up for CrossFit?

Right now the class schedule is Monday and Wednesday Seniors (11,12) Tuesday and Thursday Juniors (9,10). Usually the class lasts for about 30-40 min and starts at 11 AM. 

  1. What are some recent exercises that have been implemented into CrossFit?

“CrossFit is best described physically as ‘constantly varied, functional movements performed at high intensity. So… in terms of movements… you name it! Wall balls, burpees, pushups, sit-ups, deadlifts, squats, running, rowing, biking – you name it!”

Here is a video of what we do!