Holiday Candy Cane Grams

by Surabhi Arkalgud

The 2021/2022 school year student government is excited to announce that we are having a Candy Cane Gram stand in front of the cafeteria from December 6th to December 9th.

Jaileah (left), Evan (middle), Sabrina (right)

Each day during lunch, you can find two student government representatives at the stand in the entrance to the cafeteria. They are selling a bundle of one Christmas themed cookie, one hot chocolate packet, and one mini candy cane for $3.

But here’s the twist: you can pre-order something for someone else and leave a specialized message for them, which they will receive (along with their bundle) on December 16th. You also have the option to guess how many Hershey’s kisses and/or mini-candy canes are in the jar for the chance to win the entire jar if you are correct! Proceeds go to the school’s Loonie-Toonie drive, currently taking place school wide in period 2 classes. 

Don’t forget to get a candy cane gram for yourself and/or your friends before the end of the week!