Not a Backpack Day at MDHS

By: Kathan Kapoor
Why carry a backpack to school when you could bring literally anything else? On December 1st, students got to show their Mustang spirit by bringing their school supplies in anything — except a backpack. From shopping carts and strollers, to trash bins and laundry hampers, the possibilities were endless!

Our students’ wild creativity and imagination were on full display, as the halls were flooded with all sorts of crazy, funny backpack alternatives. Some Mustangs carried their stuff via boxes, bins, coolers, and instrument cases. Others chose to roll their belongings instead, opting for suitcases, ride-on car toys, and wheelbarrows.

The Mustang community considered the event to be highly fun and engaging. “It lifted my spirits up seeing how many people participated and their crazy ideas for a backpack,” says Grade 10 Mustang Aaryaki Madkaikar. (pictured above, with the orange hazardous waste bin). She continues, “I really do think it was worth it because being in a pandemic, it’s hard to grasp that things won’t be like they used to be. Last year, despite our trying efforts, was a time where we couldn’t really have fun, so it was amazing for school spirit and I really hope we have more fun spirit days coming up.”

Some students think the event could’ve been even more successful if there had been more anticipation on campus. “I think it could have been better if it was advertised more or maybe giving students more incentive to participate would have made it more entertaining.”  They went on to say, “but in general spirit days are really fun and I think we should do more.” Hopefully, the proven success of Anything But a Backpack Day can lead to even crazier, funnier MDHS spirit days in the future.

The spirit continued outside of school, also. An official Instagram post with picture highlights has gained 534 likes and counting. Anything But a Backpack Day also helped to kick off Milton District’s brand new TikTok page, where you can see even more students without backpacks!

A great start to December at MD, to be sure. A glowing beacon of Mustang Spirit that will surely make this year at MD one to remember.

Be sure to stay tuned for our upcoming holiday spirit week, coming from December 13-17!