How The Herd is Adjusting to The Semester Change

By: Sophie Craciunescu

“I think the semester change is great! I enjoy no longer having to stretch my attention span across two-and-a-half hour courses. Alternating classes made me feel disconnected from the course, as I would continue with two different subjects for a week before coming back having forgotten material. It truly feels like the authentic high school experience, and I am very grateful.” – Arjun Gupta

The semester model switch at the end of November came as a surprise; however, this change demonstrated MD’s resiliency. 

COVID-19 has brought many challenges and Mustangs have needed to adapt quickly. Our strong school community supported our students and allowed us to thrive when facing obstacles. 

At first, four classes a day seemed like a big change from the two hour classes everyone became accustomed to. After only a week of the new (old) semester model, students are already adjusting favourably. The shorter classes provide for concise lessons and a better retention of knowledge. 

Many students have expressed their opinions on the matter, and explained how they made the adjustment. 

“I think the semester change is a bit hard since you have to focus on 4 different subjects throughout the week. Despite the challenge, it’s also fun because I get to see my friends everyday who I may have not been able to see with the 2 subjects per week format.” – Eleena Sen

“Science and English are less stressful nowadays because of this change; there would be less load; I would be more engaged in the classes. With the past schedule, we would switch between different subjects which, in my opinion, is difficult to do.” – Mohammad Alqashqish

“The semester change is a little tiring, but it’s really nice being able to see different groups of people everyday.– Kary Chung

“I walked into math and I only got one worksheet in math, rather than a 5-page booklet. It was SO much easier to get work done and I was actually awake the whole time.”  – Abeeha Zehra

“It took a little getting used to at first, but it’s great having all our subjects every week. It’s also nice having less homework even though it’s more frequent. It’s also really great getting to see all your friends and classmates everyday.” – Esther Fasanu

“I enjoy the new semester model! I find that teachers are able to teach at a more effective pace and adjust to their students’ needs. With the old semester model, I had forgotten the material that I worked on the week before. In addition, I find that I am more motivated to get work done during 75 minute periods than tiring two and a half hours classes. I am grateful to finally experience a normal school semester.” – Kathan Kapoor