One-Act Play Festival at MDHS

By Surabhi Arkalgud with the help of Shayre Chakraborty

The casts of the MDHS Drama Council’s one-act plays have been working hard all school year on these productions. But first, what is a one act play? “One act plays are short plays that range from 10-40 minutes and tell a variety of stories,” according to Shayre Chakraborty, the one act play lead in Drama Council. “Our one act play festival is when we get to showcase our several of these plays that are performed and directed by MDHS students.”

This year’s one act plays are Music Maybe, Once Upon a Mime, and Surprise!

After talking to Shayre, she has identified many challenges that the directors and cast have faced and overcome. “This year, we’ve faced many challenges, the biggest one being the transition from in-person performances to online performances, where we had to change our formats in an instant!” Shary explains. “There were some other smaller challenges, like actors having to drop their roles, challenges with technical elements, and having a shortage of people involved.”

The plays are available on Wednesday, February 16th through the MDHS YouTube page. Everyone is welcome and encouraged to come watch!