MDHS Holiday Market 2021

By: Abeeha, Arjun, Kary, and Kathan

Just before the winter break, MDHS’s Social Justice SHSM organized a holiday market with all proceeds going towards the First Nations Child & Family Caring Society. The market featured live music, hot chocolate, and tables selling photocards, keychains, therapy bags and more! 

Dylan (Grade 10), Jessica (Grade 10), Abigail (11)

The holiday market also included a used book store with books collected through donations and resold to students at only $2 each. The book store sold over 100 books to students over the course of the market. There was a wide variety of books for sale, from thriller novels to cooking guides. The stand also showcased many popular titles such as Divergent and Twilight. All the books were in great condition and provided an amazing shopping experience. 

The proceeds from this event went towards Shannen’s Dream, an educational rights campaign from The First Nations Child & Family Caring Society. Their organization is dedicated to bettering the lives of First Nations children and families through education initiatives, public campaigns, and providing resources to Indigenous communities. 

In addition to the book fair, hot chocolate and therapy bags, the market featured wonderful live performances. With such short notice, musicians from MD put on a great show while everyone enjoyed the event. 

Alissa & Arden, grade 12, representing Halton’s Social Justice SHSM

Therapy bags were designed by the fashion classes and the keychains were made by classes in the technology department. 

There were also cookies and brownies made by the foods classes for sale, as well as free hot chocolate and coffee.

The first annual holiday market was a great success for the Social Justice SHSM at MD. The Mustangs were able to help a larger cause while shopping and having fun. We can’t wait for next year’s holiday market!