Student Prime Minister Q&A

By: Kathan Kapoor

Q: What is your job as a student prime minister?

A: My job as the Prime Minister of Student Government is to assess the quality of school life amongst the students of MDHS, and brainstorm and execute solutions with a team of student leaders and staff that will satisfy the needs and desires of students at our school.

Q: What changes do you want to see at MDHS?

A: Some items on my agenda are to improve student engagement and school spirit throughout our community. These past two years have been very tough on our students, and it is important to spark our involvement and sense of connection throughout the entire group.

Q: What will you do to promote student engagement through extra-curricular activities and clubs?

A: We are currently working within the government with our social media and outreach teams. As social media has practically taken over the world, we can use resources such as Instagram, TikTok, and the internet to promote opportunities and areas for student growth in the form of clubs and extracurriculars.

Q: What inspired you to run for student prime minister?

A: I decided to join the student government at the start of 2019, as a 9th grade representative, and I was beyond inspired by the leaders of the organisation. It was from that point onwards that I knew I wanted to lead change within this school, and that I wanted to make MDHS a better place.

Q: What are some of your goals for this year?

A: This year, I want to emphasise importance on student voice and collaboration. I have seen students who are turned away and ignored, regardless of their revolutionary and innovative ideas to influence change within the school. I know the hardships that being ignored entails, and I am making it a priority for myself to end this stigma.

Interviewee: Izaan Qaiser