MD Goes Pink

By: Hannah Beckford

Home (2022) — Intl. Day of Pink

On April 13th Milton District celebrated the Day of Pink  We wore  pink to show our support for victims of bullying and homophobia. 

Day of Pink began in Berwick, Nova Scotia, in 2007 when Grade 12 students David Shepherd, Travis Price and their friends witnessed a Grade 9 student being bullied for the pink shirt they were wearing on their first day of school. They wanted to show others that there is no shame in wearing any type of colour no matter how you identify. 

In order to make the attacked student feel less alone, they decided to purchase 50 pink shirts and hand them out to students throughout the school to wear. This gesture inspired schools all over Canada to do the same.  

Today the pink shirt has become a world-wide symbol of courage, inclusivity and kindness. Wearing a pink shirt not only shows how much you care, it reminds victims of homophobia and bullying that they are not alone.