MDHS Talent Show 2022!

By: Kathan Kapoor

On Thursday, April 28, the Mustangs held their annual talent show! The 7-minute showcase was posted to the official MDHS YouTube channel, and has been viewed by more than 70 people. Four incredible acts were presented in the production, all of which can be viewed at your convenience by clicking the link above. 

The show kicked off with Julia Langille playing Concerto in G Minor op 12 no. 3 movement 1 by Friedrick Seitz on the violin. Then, Surabhi Arkalgud performed “Song of Calvary” by Dimitri Kabalevsky on the piano. Afterwards, Sarah Diwan played “Om Shanti Om” on the piano. To conclude, Swetha Karthik and Anusha Penkar danced Bollywood-style to a “Shape of You” remix. 

This year’s talent show was a great success! Here’s to next year’s being even greater!