Trades Truck 

By: DJ Panda

On Friday April 29th, some of our very own Co-op students attended the Today we’ll talk about the Trades Truck event! This program was there to help students understand the value of specialized work and all the ways it can help them and the society. The main focus of Friday’s event was on a group of seven students from Milton District High School who were given the first run-through of Skills Ontario’s new mobile hands – on learning center. This one is specified on  all types of mechanical trades. During this event, Fix Network and Skills Ontario have brought an interactive real life trade experience that provides benefits for both students and the industry. As stated by one attending grade 12 Co-op students; “It was a real eye-opener for what we will learn on our placements”. Our students were also very excited to finally see their first industry grade shop, where some of the older kids were able to do virtual welding, virtual painting, and even change a truck tire, all in a mobile classroom. This event provided a great startup for any student looking for resources or opportunities to start any trade.