Culture Day at MDHS

By: Arjun Gupta

On Friday, May 20, Milton District was proud to celebrate its very own Culture Day! 

Students were encouraged to wear clothes from their ethnic backgrounds and take pictures in front of the background with their friends. 

People came in droves to show off their ethnic pride. There was even another round of cafeteria karaoke, a new mainstay for MD culture days. It was a vibrant array of diversity, a great show of not only cultural pride, but Mustang pride as well! 

Outside on the track, there was a mini-festival happening with music and a stage where students could go to show off their cultures and outfits. Pride and positivity radiated as dozens of kids walked the runway, and even more cheered on from the sides!

This year’s Culture Day was a great success. We cannot wait to see what next year’s celebration will bring!