Footloose at MDHS

By: DJ

Throughout the last 6 months, the cast and crew of Footloose has been working hard to bring live theater back to the school after nearly 2 years!  The student-led production, Footloose: The Musical rocked the school and made the evenings of many Milton residents. In order to accommodate those who didn’t register, quite a few “slush seats” were also added in. Our stage was filled with students with great musical and acting talent. The musical featured nearly 2 hours of live singing, dancing and performing and took place on 3 different nights! 

Rebekah and Aiysha, two cast members, also created a video for the Footloose cast and crew of their loved ones saying “GO FOOTLOOSE!”. Ren McCormick didn’t just bring dancing and singing back to his town, he brought the fun over here too! (If you’ve seen the musical, you’ll know what I mean 😉.) 

Overall, it was a massive success with hundreds of MD students, teachers, administration, parents, and community members coming to see the show. An amazing production that will proudly stand in MD history as the return to live theatre.