Clubs and Teams Day

By: Hannah, Addison, and Meghan

The students’ favorite part of high school is back! 

The clubs at MD will play a huge role in the development of high school friendships and memories. After the pandemic, students were excited to be able to join clubs that interested them with like-minded people. 

Throughout the school day, grades 9 to 12 gathered in the gymnasium for a presentation from Principal Carrey and the school’s guidance counselors. Afterwards, the students streamed into the courtyard to see all of the available clubs and teams on display.

This year’s students aren’t the only ones excited for things to ramp up. 

“We are so excited for new members!” says Elizabeth and Rowan of the Gender and Sexuality Alliances club. This year seems to be one of the best years if you want to join a club and/or a team. However, stress and prior arrangements can choke out opportunities to join clubs, as most students we interviewed had said that their schedules can’t accommodate after school activities. 

The Mustang Messenger team is looking forward to capturing this year’s games, events, and spirit days. Go Mustangs!