Mustangs Struggle Defensively as CK Spartans Win 21-0 in Home Opener

By Yazmin Bon-Gosse and Raghav Singh           .

A devastating loss to the Spartans last Wednesday afternoon, kicks off the beginning of the 2022 Sr. football season for the Mustangs. We showed our school spirit with lots of students in the crowd wearing face paint and school swag! 

It was an intense game, the Mustangs struggling to get the ball to the end zone, only coming close a couple of times, however, in the end the CK Spartans took the win 21-0 with 3 touchdowns.

However, they didn’t go without a fight. At least 5 players got injured, even a tackle that sent players crashing into the line to gain mark, along with the girl holding it, and almost into one of our photographers!

This isn’t the end though, The Mustangs will be back on Wednesday, October 5th. The Sr. team against Georgetown district and the Jr. team against Aldershot.

Photographers – Riley Pope, Ranvir Sharma, Namkha Mentuh and Ivan Nguy