Jr. Girls Mustangs On Top of the Standings for Basketball!

By: Eleena Sen
Our Jr. Girls basketball team had a very successful first half of the season! With four wins and only one loss the girls snatched the top spot in the standings. On September 27, the season started off with a home-opener against Elsie MacGill. The Mustangs gained a 10-point lead, but in the second half Elsie made a huge comeback and stole their chance at winning by just one point.

Despite the tough loss at the start, the Mustangs were resilient and managed to secure a win against Aldershot—with the final score being 25-4. Four points coming just from free throws. After a strong game, the Mustangs won 40-34 against the White Oaks Wildcats, last year’s Halton Tier 2 champs.

The girls wrangled a huge victory against their hometown rivals Elsie MacGill. It was once again another nail-biting game but Mustangs came out on top by holding the Hurricanes back during the last 2 intense minutes of the final quarter.

Overall, the Jr. Girls Basketball Team had a very successful first half . They will have two back to back home games here at MD again. So be sure to check it out and cheer for our team on October 20th and October 25th after school!