Remembrance Day Recap 2022

By: Meghan Slipak and Addison Hoogendoorn

Remembrance day is a day to reflect on the lives lost during World Wars I & II, in addition to the countless military efforts Canada has participated in over the decades. November 11th marks the day WWI ended and on the eleventh hour, of the eleventh day, of the eleventh month, people all around Canada take a moment of silence to remember those who fought in the nation’s defense. 

This year, the head of MDHS’ history department Mr. Newman, along with some grade ten students, put together a 15 minute presentation to remember soldiers that took part in World War One. The presentation brought up many aspects of the war, highlighting certain soldiers who were rejected from the army because of their race, and who were badly mistreated.  In addition, there were French and English speeches on soldiers that lived in Milton, and a video where people discussed the importance of remembrance day. Students also put together a short presentation of a uniformed salute. The presentation concluded with a moment of silence to pay respects to participants of war. 

Overall, the presentation was very informative, teaching students a variety of new things about Remembrance Day and the world wars. Knowing that students and teachers both learned about the importance of this day shows that it was a success!