Billianne Visits MDHS!

By: Kathan Kapoor

Photo Credits

On Tuesday, March 28, local musician Billianne visited Milton District to speak with the Music and Audio SHSM about her musical journey, the industry, and songwriting. She even performed a few songs for the students!

Billianne Lowry is a twenty year old artist who grew up in Milton, Ontario and attended Milton District High School. Following her graduation, she began posting covers on her TikTok account. Her cover of Noah Reid’s “Simply the Best” went viral with many people praising her in the comments. Currently, her sound has been used in 34,000 videos. After hearing her rendition,  Canadian song-writer Jann Arden asked Billianne to perform with her at Massey Hall. Since then, she has expanded her audience and has continued to open doors in her musical career.

Throughout the workshop she discussed many topics including the importance of standing up for yourself, consistency, and work ethic.

At the end of the session, Billianne held a workshop where students would write a melody and lyrics over a chord progression provided by Mr. Cummings. Billianne gave everyone feedback and advice on how they can improve. 

Overall, the seminar was very informative and inspirational. It showed the potential that can lay in a reserved person living in a small town if they set their mind to accomplishing something. We wish her the best of luck throughout her career!