STARLITE Steel Pan Band Performance

By: Yahya Elbadawi, and Daniel Lal

On March 6 in periods 3 and 4, there was a steel pan concert hosted in the cafeteria by Andy and Wendell from the amazing Starlite Band.

Andy and Wendell are both very talented pannist (steel pan players) and have a deep history with the instrument. Andy first got introduced to the instrument as a kid when he saw his older brothers playing it. Once he tried it out, he fell in love with it. Wendell on the other hand always wanted to play the steel pan, but didn’t have the opportunity in his home country. Once he came to Canada he got the opportunity to try out the instrument of his dreams.

 Many of the students in the cafeteria agree that they all enjoyed the concert very much. One student enjoyed the music so much that would love to hear the instrument again. A big factor for the enjoyment of the students was that the music being performed on the Steel Pan were famous well known songs like “Sorry” by Justin Bieber, and “Be Happy” by Bobby McFerrin, along with some very  energetic and interesting beats. 

The steel pan instrument was made in the 1930s on the twin islands of Trinidad and Tobago and has taken off ever since.

It was great to see such a cool instrument be played here at M.D.H.S and hopefully again soon!