And This Year’s Winner of the 2022/23 Student of Excellence award is…Julia Dunham!

By: Hannah Beckford

On March 5th, the winners of the 2022/2023 HDSB Student Excellence Awards were announced board-wide. There were 107 elementary and secondary school winners in Halton. This year we have a winner in our very school; Grade 12 student Julia Dunham! She is one of two secondary students to be recognised this year.

Some of the qualifications to become an ‘excellent’ student is to be honest, empathetic, have a positive attitude and be involved among their community. However, the Student Excellence Award does not apply only to those with stellar academic performances–while grades are a factor in nomination–it is the student’s character, integrity and attitude that have the greatest impact. 

Julia says that being recognised as a student of excellence has “ helped [her] understand that we’re all people”. She acknowledges that she’s not perfect, but she was still able to win. “It’s made me connect and relate to students and teachers on a personal level”. Connecting with others helped her see the value in each person she speaks to. “I’m starting to see people for their worth rather than just strangers at school”. 

Congratulations, Julia!