Twin Flames Concert

By: Abdul Hadi Kamran

On March 29, 2023, MD’s Grade 11 NBE English (Contemporary Indigenous Voices) classes got to experience an amazing concert performed by the Twin Flames. The concert was a great learning experience for students to hear a new type of music that most of them had never heard of. The band is composed of lead male vocalist Jaaji, an Inuk From Nunavik and Mohawk from Kahnawake, and lead female vocalist Chelsey June, an Algonquin, Métis, and Cree settler. The songs they write are a mix of English and French, and their music speaks for itself. The instruments which they use are Indigenous spirit flutes, traditional drums, and also Western instruments. Each song has a unique sound and style that makes it difficult to determine the genre, however some have categorized it as Indie rock, synth rock and/or folk pop. Over the 7 years the Twin Flames have been around, they have received 4 Canadian Folk Music Awards, 3 Summer Solstice Indigenous Music Awards, 3 Native American Music Awards, and also the 2022 Capital Music Award. 

Overall, the concert was both a highly enjoyable listening experience and a great learning opportunity for our Grade 11’s. Here’s to more concert field trips in the future!