Day of Pink with Martin Boyce

By: Sydney Grant and Abby Lilly-Dixon

On April 13 2023, our school welcomed a Stonewall Riots survivor, Martin Boyce. Martin Boyce is a 75 year old New Yorker, who is currently on a tour funded by the embassy of the United States. During this tour he shares his experience at the Stonewall Riots and how it impacted him and his friend’s lives. He continues to share his story and the story of others who unfortunately did not make it. 

The Stonewall Riots were a series of protests in New York during 1969 where members of the gay community fought for equal rights.

We talked to Ms. Compton-Morgan and Ms. Andersen, who set up this event. They gave students the opportunity to listen to Martin Boyce’s stories and experiences as well as Jeremy Diaz who accompanied him. Milton District High School also opened it up to other schools’ GSAs that wanted to hear his presentation. 

When Ms. Andersen saw an email about this last year, she jumped at the opportunity and the school started planning the experience. When asking Ms. Compton-Morgan about what has been done in past years at Milton District High School, she said that we have given out free hugs with small candies attached. However, as this year’s International Day of Pink fell during Eid the school did not give out candy, remaining respectful for anyone fasting at the time. As well as this, motivational quotes have been put up around the school in past years. Staff and students thoroughly enjoyed listening to Martin’s experience, and hopefully we can hear from him again. We are looking forward to seeing what initiatives and actions will be taken by staff and students for next year’s International Day of Pink.