MDHS Presents: Chicago – The Musical

By: Purvi Shenoy, Yahya Elbadawi, Daniel Lal, and Raghav Singh

On the nights of May 10th, 11th  and 12th, MDHS’s very own students put on a killer show in Chicago – The Musical! Produced by Bob Fosse and Fred Ebb, Chicago is a satirical play based on sensationalized criminals in the Roaring ‘20s.

On May 9th, the cast and crew put up a sneak preview for all MD staff and students to enjoy during periods 3 and 4. It consisted of the electrifying song “Cell Block Tango”, the director’s favourite number. In response, one Grade 9 student declared, “It was very unique.” Another said, “The singing was good and the dancing was well done!” Mr. McCallum, teacher of English and media, said, “They did an excellent job, the voices displayed their frustration and anger of their exhaustion of the patriarchal culture”. 

We later went behind the scenes with the crew to hear about the effort they put into producing the show. Actor Sania Ali, who plays Mama Morton, stated, “our students had been practicing very hard for the past month – nearly everyday for hours at a time – especially the director, Gabriella Verdugo”. 

Last year, Gabriella was the lead in the musical production of Footloose . . . when she was only in Grade 10! Gabriella stated that she wanted a closer look backstage as there would be many more experiences and opportunities for her in the role of a director.

Director’s Voice

We interviewed Gabriella about her experience, and this is what she had to say:

  • Three words that came to mind when she was asked to describe the play were mysterious, glittery and interesting!
  • On the topic of directing, she said that at first it was harder because she was directing people her age and older, but she now feels connected with the others 
  • In regards to the rehearsal process, she explained that despite things being very hectic at times, in the end it all worked together
  • Her favourite part of the musical process was the connections she made with her musical crew 

It’s safe to say that Sania wasn’t bluffing when she said Chicago was “ALL THAT JAZZ”.  MD is extremely proud of its students and the tremendous effort they put into this play. Special thanks also go out to the tech department, Art Club, Ms. Wolstenholme and Ms. Rotsma. Bravo, everyone!