MDHS Holiday Market 2021

By: Abeeha, Arjun, Kary, and Kathan Just before the winter break, MDHS’s Social Justice SHSM organized a holiday market with all proceeds going towards the First Nations Child & Family Caring Society. The market featured live music, hot chocolate, and tables selling photocards, keychains, therapy bags and more!  The holiday market also included a used book store with books collected through donations and resold to … Continue reading MDHS Holiday Market 2021

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Not a Backpack Day at MDHS

By: Arjun Gupta and Kathan KapoorWhy carry a backpack to school when you could bring literally anything else? On December 1st, students got to show their Mustang spirit by bringing their school supplies in anything — except a backpack. From shopping carts and strollers, to trash bins and laundry hampers, the possibilities were endless! Our students’ wild creativity and imagination were on full display, as … Continue reading Not a Backpack Day at MDHS

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Holiday Candy Cane Grams

by Surabhi Arkalgud The 2021/2022 school year student government is excited to announce that we are having a Candy Cane Gram stand in front of the cafeteria from December 6th to December 9th. Each day during lunch, you can find two student government representatives at the stand in the entrance to the cafeteria. They are selling a bundle of one Christmas themed cookie, one hot … Continue reading Holiday Candy Cane Grams

Youth Summit from Milton Rotary Club

Image Source The Milton Rotary Club brings together a worldwide network of volunteer leaders who dedicate their time and talent to tackle some of the world’s most urgent humanitarian challenges. Rotary connects 1.2 million people from more than 200 countries. Their mission has an effect on people’s lives, both locally and internationally. Milton Rotary is filled with many dedicated volunteers who share a passion for … Continue reading Youth Summit from Milton Rotary Club

A Killer Party: A Murder Musical is MD’s Theatrical Production for 2021

Image Source This year, the drama council proudly presents A Killer Party: A Murder Musical! This musical is about a rising Broadway director who is murdered in broad daylight in front of his cast. Now, an amateur detective with a distaste for theatre kids must try to find who did it, while the cast miserably quarantines in confined spaces which ascribes it to quarantining during … Continue reading A Killer Party: A Murder Musical is MD’s Theatrical Production for 2021

Youth Speaker’s Award WINNER – MDHS 2020 Grad Saihaj Rehsi

By: Ben Hartshorn “Throughout our lives, my family and I have lived in predominantly white areas with almost no brown kids. It was difficult for my brother to make friends at a young age because of his skin colour and that he wore his hair in a turban. Several events in my story are roughly based on his experiences, and show what he went through … Continue reading Youth Speaker’s Award WINNER – MDHS 2020 Grad Saihaj Rehsi