Meet the Cast of MD’s ‘subText’

IMAN UMAIR-QAISER Great news! The cast for our school play, subText by Tyler Dwiggins, has just been announced. Cast members are listed below. Students will begin reading the lines during the first practice today after school. The production of subText will run from May 8–10 in the MD Theatre. Congratulations to all those who were cast. Continue reading Meet the Cast of MD’s ‘subText’

MD Competes at MusicFest in Ancaster

Prema Kapoor On February 19, Milton District’s Senior Concert Band and Jazz Band attended the annual MusicFest at Redeemer University in Ancaster, Hamilton. The two groups left early that morning with Mr. Carson-Foster and Mr. Cummings to ensure they arrived at the university in time for the Jazz Band to perform. While everything was rushed getting off of the bus and setting up instruments, the … Continue reading MD Competes at MusicFest in Ancaster

Student Voice Grant Inspires School Wide Project

Andrea Gleeson Two senior students applied for a Speak Up Grant last year. They won $2000 to implement their vision of having every student in the school leave their mark by painting or coloring a small canvas. These will be added to panels and hung all around the school to reflect our value of BELONGING. The art completed so far looks incredible, and we can’t … Continue reading Student Voice Grant Inspires School Wide Project

Auditions for MD’s Newest Play to be Held in the Theatre Next Week

Ben Hartshorn On February 13th and 14th, auditions for Milton District’s newest play will be taking place after school in the theatre. Run by Tyler Dwiggins, subText will feature various accounts detailing the awkwardness of dating in the present-day digital age. To sign up for this opportunity to shine, students are asked to write their names down on a sign-up sheet posted outside the theatre. … Continue reading Auditions for MD’s Newest Play to be Held in the Theatre Next Week

School Play Delayed Indefinitely

Hunter Culhane MD’s Spring school play has been cancelled. The production of The Taming of the Shrew has ended due to a lack of male students auditioning for the male roles in the play. Last week, in an effort to motivate male students to audition, drama students went around to every class explaining what the play would be about and handed out audition forms. Unfortunately, … Continue reading School Play Delayed Indefinitely

MDHS Music Feeder School Tour: Day #2

By Iman Umair-Qaiser Following annual tradition, various music groups and extracurriculars at MD took to the road on December 3rd to continue this year’s Feeder School Tour. The Senior Concert Band, Foster’s Funk Band, and the A Capella group performed and promoted MD’s music program to elementary schools whose students are to attend MD in the coming years. After Day 1 at Sam Sherratt and … Continue reading MDHS Music Feeder School Tour: Day #2

MDHS Music Feeder School Tour: Day #1

By Eli Vodarek-Berman The MDHS Music Program has officially kicked off its annual Feeder School Tour! On Wednesday, November 28th, we began our annual feeder school tour, visiting Sam Sherratt and Brookville Public School in Milton. The goal of the tour is to show the feeder schools (whose graduates feed into Milton District) that MD is the place to go for music—and we did just … Continue reading MDHS Music Feeder School Tour: Day #1

New Student Art Displays to Communicate School Values

By Aleena Hashmi and Haleema Sadia Milton District High School has a new project in the making! Ms. Baksys has recruited a few students to create an artwork that visually communicates our school vision and values: Belong, Elevate, Respect. The artworks represent how we as a school live our values and our journey towards our vision. Ms. Baksys has asked the students to capture what … Continue reading New Student Art Displays to Communicate School Values

MDHS’s 2019 Stage Production Is…

By Iman Umair-Qaiser Listen up, thespians! In 2019, after three years of theatrical hiatus, MD will be performing a stage production in 2019, a reimagining of Shakespeare’s The Taming of the Shrew. The play is one of Shakespeare’s most well-known, and it depicts the story of how the devious Petruchio ‘tames’ the headstrong Katherina into becoming a soft-spoken, obedient wife. Many have commented how this … Continue reading MDHS’s 2019 Stage Production Is…

Submit Yearbook Art!

By Aleena Hashmi Attention Students of MD! Yearbook Team is looking for art submissions to be forever immortalized in this year’s yearbook. No art experience is required and you can submit any medium (i.e. watercolour, digital, etc). The deadline is December 1, 2018. Chosen submissions will receive prizes! Art works can be submitted digitally to Ms. Gignac at or brought to the Media Lab. Continue reading Submit Yearbook Art!