MD’s “Season’s GREENings” Holiday Challenge!

By: Vinothan Siriranjan Happy holidays from the Eco Team! The winter holiday is a joyous time of year often spent on celebrations, get-togethers, shopping, eating delicious food and many more joyful events. Along with all of the fun, the holiday season brings a heavy load on the environment. That’s why our school’s Eco Team wants you to have both a fun and sustainable holiday this … Continue reading MD’s “Season’s GREENings” Holiday Challenge!

Drama Clubs at MDHS: What’s Happening?

By: Rayed Khan Although the COVID-19 pandemic has cancelled many club activities this year, the drama clubs are standing strong at MDHS. Every Wednesday after school the drama council meets, discusses theatre events and has a great time. Read this article for the background information about these clubs. Please note that all events will be virtual.  Interested in joining? Here is the Google Classroom code … Continue reading Drama Clubs at MDHS: What’s Happening?