Drama Clubs at MDHS: What’s Happening?

By: Rayed Khan Although the COVID-19 pandemic has cancelled many club activities this year, the drama clubs are standing strong at MDHS. Every Wednesday after school the drama council meets, discusses theatre events and has a great time. Read this article for the background information about these clubs. Please note that all events will be virtual.  Interested in joining? Here is the Google Classroom code … Continue reading Drama Clubs at MDHS: What’s Happening?

M.I.B: Q&A

Q: What is the club about? A: Mustangs in Blue Link Crew is a part of our school community and gives students the opportunity to form strong bonds and socialize while helping other students around the school. It is full of leadership opportunities and gives students the chance to help people feel like they have a place in the school community and build school spirit. … Continue reading M.I.B: Q&A