Words are Acts

By: Melissa Nwaogu Some contend that while words alone don’t mean much, deeds do. Although the concept iscommon, it is not founded in fact. Words are incredibly important. They are actions, and they count just asmuch as any other kind of action, if not more. People are influenced heavily by words and even whenyou’re not attempting to be significant, words still have an influence. Words … Continue reading Words are Acts

Human Rights Symposium

By: Hannah Beckford On December 8th and 9th, Milton District students tuned in to the HDSB Human Rights Symposium. This year’s speakers were Sheila Watt-Cloutier and Kehkashan Basu.  Sheila Watt Cloutier is a Nobel Peace Prize nominee, TEDX speaker, and the former Canadian President of the Inuit Circumpolar Council—an organization dedicated to bringing Inuit people from Alaska, Greenland, Russia and Canada together to discuss internationally … Continue reading Human Rights Symposium

Halloween: What does Halloween Mean for Students at MD? 

By: Khaled Ragab What is Halloween?  Halloween originated from the ancient Celtic festival known as Samhain, which was held on November 1st. It was believed that on that day, the souls of the dead returned to their homes.  What Does Halloween Mean to Students?   Halloween is a day where students can go out and have fun with their friends. It’s a day that creates fond … Continue reading Halloween: What does Halloween Mean for Students at MD? 

Interviewing the Prime Ministers

By: Yahya Elbadawi and Sang Ha This week, we sat down with our school Prime Ministers Sarala and Liam to ask them a couple of questions about how they became prime ministers, what they plan on doing, what challenges they overcame and more.  Sarala and Liam have planned a lot of new and returning activities spread throughout the years, this includes school spirit day, dances … Continue reading Interviewing the Prime Ministers

Toronto Rock School Program

By: Ranvir Sharma, Aryan Sarnaik, Abdul Hadi Kamran, Shafi Asif, and Yahya Farzam On Tuesday October 18th, Dan Dawson and Adam Jay from the Toronto Rock Lacrosse Team visited MD to talk to our NBE3C students. Their presentation covered the Indigenous legacy of lacrosse and their own personal experiences with the sport. After learning together, the players took the staff and students outside to the … Continue reading Toronto Rock School Program

MD Recognizes Black and Bi-Racial Students in New Club and Program! 

By: Gabby Beckford  Five thousand, two hundred and eighty. That’s the amount of Black individuals who live in Milton, out of one hundred and thirty-two thousand total. It’s no surprise that socializing is tough, especially when you’re one of two or three black kids in class or worst case scenario – the only black kid in your class. I know the feeling, and I’m over … Continue reading MD Recognizes Black and Bi-Racial Students in New Club and Program! 

An Experience to Remember: The Spring Outdoor Ed (Canoe) Trip(s)

By: Kathan Kapoor and Arjun Gupta This May, not one, but TWO classes of Mr. Matt Jones’ grade 11 Outdoor Education experienced the adventure of their lives when they spent four nights camping and canoeing out in Algonquin Provincial Park. For each trip, thirty students were able to go, plus two teachers and three graduate students who came as camp leaders. They made two trips … Continue reading An Experience to Remember: The Spring Outdoor Ed (Canoe) Trip(s)