A Very Merry Volunteer Opportunity!

By: Kathan Kapoor Image Source Milton’s annual Santa Claus Parade will take place on Sunday, November 21st along Main Street, starting at Whitmer St. at 1:30PM and ending at the GO station around 3:30PM.  This year’s parade is a salute to the generosity and courage of the everyday heroes of this pandemic – from healthcare workers on the front lines, to all the essential workers, … Continue reading A Very Merry Volunteer Opportunity!

Treaties Recognition Week

By: Kathan Kapoor Image Source The first week of November marks Treaties Recognition Week to recognize the importance of treaties and increase awareness of treaty relationships between Indigenous Nations and the Government. Learning about treaties and treaty relationships is a part of truth and reconciliation. Treaties are negotiated agreements that define the rights, responsibilities and relationships between Indigenous groups and Federal and Provincial Governments. Treaties … Continue reading Treaties Recognition Week

MD’s 2021/2022 Student Government

By: Sophie Craciunescu The class representatives have been chosen, the Prime Minister has been elected and excitement is in the air. The election process was an effective and interesting way to ensure that Mustang voices would be herd.  During the very first week of school, teachers were hard at work ensuring that the grade representatives were chosen. Applications opened, and many students eager to help … Continue reading MD’s 2021/2022 Student Government

Happy Diwali!

By: Kathan Kapoor Image Source: Kathan Kapoor On November 4th, many people will be celebrating Diwali. Although Diwali is a Hindu festival, many other faiths including Buddhists, Jains, and Sikhs take part in the festivities.  Also known as the Festival of Lights, the celebration derives its name from the clay lamps Hindus put outside of their homes. There are many interpretations of the celebration, but … Continue reading Happy Diwali!

Drama Council Events Are Back!

By: Sam Thewlis Thursday, October 28th marked the first in-person performance by the drama council this year! On the last Thursday of every month, the drama council will be hosting themed events after school. This month’s theme was ‘superheroes’. Based on the theme, students dressed as well known fictional characters (such as Loki from Marvel) and designed their own characters to create plays and performances. … Continue reading Drama Council Events Are Back!

Halloween Spirit Week at MDHS

By: Surabhi Arkalgud Orange and Black Day Wednesday, October 27th was Orange and Black Day at MDHS, where students and staff were encouraged to wear black and orange in order to get in the spirit for Halloween. Many students and staff members participated, making it a very festive spirit day! Why are the Halloween colours orange and black? In terms of symbolic and traditional meaning, … Continue reading Halloween Spirit Week at MDHS

LGBTQIA+ History Month at MDHS

By: Kathan Kapoor LGBTQIA+ History Month celebrates the historical achievements of those who identify within the LGBTQIA+ community. In 1994, Rodney Wilson, a Missouri High School teacher, proposed the idea that a month should be dedicated to celebrate and educate about LGBTQIA+ history. The month of October was chosen as schools are in session and existing occasions such as National Coming Out Day (October 11th) … Continue reading LGBTQIA+ History Month at MDHS

Grade 9 English Class Raises The Most Money For Terry Fox

By: Abeeha Zehra and Eleena Sen On Wednesday, October 13th, Ms. Gorska-Anderson’s Grade 9 English class received Booster Juice for fundraising the highest amount during MD’s Terry Fox Run event fundraiser. They raised a total of $367 for cancer research! Through collaboration and unity, the students raised funds higher than those in other grades this year. According to Ms. Gorska, the school’s Grade 12 classes … Continue reading Grade 9 English Class Raises The Most Money For Terry Fox